From 8 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Take That Lunch Break ; Optimal’s Advice is to stand and walk for your brain and body!

8 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Take That Lunch Break | Fast Company | Business + Innovation. This was an excellent and popular article in the news all of this week. I bring this to your attention readers as we have been talking about the use of micro-breaks in the office for years. We emphasize the use of standing breaks, use of the stairs and going for walks for a few reasons such as unloading the discs of the spine, enhancing circulation to the muscles of the neck and arms. We have also talked about the requirement to move more to prevent DVT’s in the legs and to improve lung function.  One thing which we have discussed in the past is the mental & cognitive benefits of standing up from your seated postures and walking at a good pace during lunch.   Turns out the neurologists who use F-MRI scans are now able to show the large changes in brain activity following a simple 20 minute walk and break from your mental activity. At Optimal our Ergonomic and Kinesiology team cannot think of any more reasons to stand more often at work and take walks or exercise during lunch. Ask us how we can assist in setting up effective ergonomic programs in your workplace at

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AODA Compliance – Multi-Year Compliance Reports are due this year 2014

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AODA Compliance – Compliance Reports are due this year 2014By December 31, 2014, private sector employers with at least 50 employees in Ontario, must file a report with the Ministry of Community an…

Jane Sleeth‘s insight:

AODA Compliance – Multi-Year Compliance Reports are due this year 2014. Contact re our Suite of Services available from Policy development, to training, accessible website design and Ontario Build Code assessments.

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AODA Compliance – Multi-Year Compliance Reports are due this year 2014

AODA Compliance – Compliance Reports are due this year 2014

By December 31, 2014, private sector employers with at least 50 employees in Ontario, must file a report with the Ministry of Community and Social Services to confirm they are compliant with the Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (“AODA”). This includes the Employment Standard and the Information & Communication Standard

Employers accross Ontario with at least 20 employees must already have filed the annual compliance reports under AODA’s Customer Service Standard Regulation.

If your company fails to report there will be fines and compliance orders similar to the Ministry of Labour’s system with OH&S. Even small employers must ensure compliance with applicable regulations or risk complaints, fines and compliance orders.

Optimal Performance has developed a suite of services, audits, and training to help your organization to quickly and effectively meet compliance obligations.

  1. Our Policy team can help to develop policies that address your particular organization;
  2. Our training team can provide in-house or remote e-learning or webinar training to your management team, to help understand the legislation, what is required of the organization and management’s role in development and implementation of policies, practices and procedures now required by law.
  3. OPC provides in-house, e learning or webinar training to your employees and obligated third parties on both the CSS and the IASR’s new training requirement about the Human Rights Code for Ontario.
  4. Built Environment Audits to determine levels of compliance and areas of improvement relative to the current Ontario Build Code 2013 updates. This can include pricing for upgrades to meet the ABES section of the OBC 2013.

Read more about recent updates to the CSS currently under public review and the compliance obligations under the IASR in our Blog.

Request a Project Management and our AODA Timeline Document on the various legal requirements under the IASR over the next 5 years.

Watch our recent You Tube presentation on the Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation on

To request a quote for any of the services from our Suite of Services please contact us

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Have your say in the Vitalise Accessible Tourism Survey – and win £250 off a Vitalise break

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Help shape the future of accessible tourism and be in with a chance to win a £250 voucher off a Vitalise break with the Vitalise Accessible Tourism Survey. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is complete this short survey.

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Private Companies in Ontario looking for Ontario Build Code Accessibility Audits please read before choosing a Vendor

Many private companies in Ontario are now starting to request Built Environment Assessments as per the new OBC & ABES Dec 2013. It is important to be cognizant of using properly trained & educated experts in this area as this encompasses architectural degrees, the Ontario Build Code experts who are certified to use the tool (OPC Inc has Interior Designers who are expert on the OBC, ABES), Human Factors specialists, & contractors who are able to provide correct & accurate costing of the elements which are found to be required to be added.


There are currently 3-4 companies in Ontario who are qualified & certified to provide OBC ABES Assessments. OPC Inc is one of them.

Buyer beware but we request that employers, building owners and managers be educated about who is providing these services and if they can protect your company from erroneous findings or liabilities.

Optimal Performance has all of these experts on our team & all report to Colleges and therefore have to maintain high standards. We protect the interests of the employers, property managers, building owners and facility managers with whom we work.  Can other firms guarantee this before they commence their audits and assessments?  Make sure you ask these questions before proceeding.  

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Not compliant with AODA? Ignore compliance audit notice at your peril

Not compliant with AODA? Ignore compliance audit notice at your peril.

Only 30% of companies in Ontario are compliant with the AODA’s CSS with even fewer private companies aware of their requirements for the IASR.

At Optimal we would like companies to think less about compliance and more about the economic benefits to their own profits and the Ontario economy in hiring PwD and ensuring access to their goods and services.

Want to learn more about these economic benefits and ROI? Read about this topic at or plan on attending another of our Seminars co-sponsored by Herman Miller Canada. Contact us to sign up

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A helping hand from Gatwick – Subtitled – YouTube How GTAA & the City of Toronto are missing economic opportunities in inclusive Tourism

PRM is the term used in the UK re Passengers with Reduced Mobility. A bit limiting in terms of not describing PwD including sensory, mental or psychological related disabilities. That being said this video shows how far the UK is in terms of ensuring access and inclusive design and programs for tourists and travellers.  GTAA, VIA Rail, TTC & the City of Toronto is missing the boat in understanding the huge economic benefits of ensuring seamless public space design, wayfinding, signage, policies & customer service training. Visitors and passengers with disabilities do have money to spend and chose to spend in in cities like London UK where accessibility is a priority. With the Para and PanAmerican Games in 2015 opportunities have been lost to show the world Toronto is open to tourists of all shapes, sizes, language and abilities.  OPC Inc

A helping hand from Gatwick – Subtitled – YouTube.

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